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My name is Alline Beatrici – (Alline is a bit of weird name, I know! It’s kind of pronounced like “panini”).

I was born in a much warmer place in the southern hemisphere of this planet, in Brazil. I am half Italian, British at heart and Brazilian by soul.

I left Brazil to travel a few years ago, and for quite a while I was living out of just a little suitcase and my camera bag. You can see check out some photos and embarrassing stories of me around the world  here.

I somehow ended up in the UK as a wedding photographer based between London and Brighton, doing what I love the most – telling people’s stories through photography.

I’m a bit obsessed with Frida Kahlo, I practice yoga almost everyday even though I am the clumsiest person you will ever meet, and I collect pin badges (because I told someone I like them once and now people. won’t. stop. giving. them. to me!!).

I listen to music all… the time. One of my favorite things to do is visit museums with my headphones on. I usually listen to The National and Radiohead (a lot), but also have and odd love for old school hip hop, because my taste in music is very much unsettable and debatable. I have created a ridiculous amount of eclectic playlists on Spotify, so feel free to follow me there if you want to get your ears exploded.

I spend my days daydreaming about places in the world I’d love to shoot, and my favorite subjects to photograph are couples, specially the ones who are up for an adventure in front of the camera!







“What I like about photographs is that they
capture a moment that’s gone forever,
impossible to reproduce.”




Weddings are paradise for someone who has always been passionate about capturing natural moments.

I’m so honoured that my job consists of capturing one of people’s most special days through photography, and for that reason I try to not interrupt the day’s natural flow.  I take a photo-journalistic approach and aim to create a visual story of a whole wedding day through images that represent each moment, and the little details that happen in between.

I’m super passionate about capturing these moments as they happen naturally, unobtrusively, through honest and real documentary wedding photography.

For that reason, I prefer to be the type of photographer who gets involved instead of standing in the corner, blends in with the guests to engage and listen to your stories, and take photos during people’s most genuine reactions and unguarded moments. 

My ultimate goal is for couples to receive their photographs after the wedding and remember exactly how they felt on that day, and how IT felt to be at their wedding from someone’s perspective who was there, enjoying these moments together with them.

I feel most inspired when listening people’s stories, and couldn’t do this job without getting to know each and everyone of my couples better. Understanding what makes them thick for each other helps me to create something that is unique to them, and only them.




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